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ADTS-1555 Air Data Test Calibrator

ADTS-1555 Front Panel ADTS-1555 Rear Panel ADTS-1555 ATE Solution


The ADTS-1555 is a high precision Air Data Calibrator that can be used as to precisely measure pressures. It can also be used as a transfer standard. The ADC-1000 can be used to verify standards without having to ship them out for calibration. TestVonics also offers an Air Data Transfer program to customers, allowing them to calibrate equipment in-house. This helps prevent damage to equipment in transit, which can be costly and increase organizations downtime.
  • High Precision Air Data Calibrator
  • Excellent Long-term Stability
  • For use with Air Only
  • USB, RJ-45, and RS-232 Interfaces
The ADTS-1555 features a brilliant 10.4-inch LED back-lit LCD display. A 5-wire resistive touchscreen allows the calibrator to be controlled directly from the front panel. An on-screen keyboard appears automatically when operator input is needed. Additionally a USB keyboard and mouse is included with the calibrator for redundant data input if desired. The calibrator uses 2 digiquartz transducers which provide unmatched performance. Corrections are done through software requiring no mechanical adjustments and are capable of holding accuracy for a period of one (1) year.
Simple Intuitive Interface
The ADTS-1555 software provides a familiar and intuitive graphical user interface. Modes of Operation are easily selected through tabs located along the top of the screen. The operator can easily switch between modes while testing without affecting operation. The calibrator measures and records readings, while displaying data as a table or graphically. All information is stored directly on the calibrator and reports can be printed. The ADTS-1555 can be operated remotely using the RS-232 (serial) port on the rear panel. The operating platform allows the system to be upgraded for future test applications through software upgrades, standalone installer packages or customized software applications.
Safety and Protection
The ADTS-1555 is designed with hardware and software features for maximum protection to the operator and unit under test (UUT). The calibrator features input pressure regulation, over-range, over-limit and over-pressurization protection. Micro-porous filters and screening prevent debris from contaminating the system. The calibrator is equipped with pressure relief valves to protect the pneumatic system components and the UUT from damage. In the event that the calibrator loses power, the manual vent can be used to safely vent both the test set and the UUT to ambient. The Test Program function allows the operator to create virtually unlimited test number of test routines for automated testing. These test routines save time and provide improved test consistency.
ADTS-1555 Brochure

TestVonics Air Data Calibration Solutions Brochure

ADTS-1555 Manuals
Manuals are not available for download from the website at this time. Please contact TestVonics directly to request manuals.

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