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Air Data Calibration

TestVonics ADCS-601 Primary Standard ADC-2500 Calibrating TTU-205/J ADC-2500 Calibrating GE Druck ADTS 405F ADC-2500 Calibrating King Nutronics 3688

Calibration Services

TestVonics offers calibration services for a variety of Air Data Test Equipment. Calibrations can be performed on test sets, calibrators and other air data related instrumentation. We provide ANSI/NCSL Z-540 calibrations with complete test reports and Calibration Certificates in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 Paragraphs 5.10.1 & 5.10.4. All calibrations are traceable through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • High Precision Primary and Secondary Standards
  • NIST Traceability for all Calibrations
  • Data Package with Calibration Certificate and Certificate of Conformance
  • 'As Received' and 'As Returned' data included with Test Report
  • Calibrations performed IAW OEM Manuals and/or Military Technical Orders
Calibration Services
TestVonics has two primary pressure standards. Our newest asset is a Fluke / DHI ADCS-601 Calibrator. The ADCS-601-AF is a fully automated reference level Air Data Calibration Standard for the verification and calibration of air data range instruments, in particular Air Data Test Sets (ADTS). ADCS-601-AF’s intended function is the static pressure calibration of Pt and Ps range pressure transducers with very low measurement uncertainty. ADCS-601-AF covers the pressure range of 1 to 380 kPa (0.3 to 120 inHg) in absolute and gauge modes with fully automated operation and state of the art uncertainty. The heart of the system is a fully automated PG7601 piston gauge or pressure balance that covers the range of 15 to 380 kPa (4.5 to 120 inHg). The PG7601 range is extended down to 1 kPa (0.3 inHg) by an FPG8601 force balanced piston gauge with automated pressure control.

TestVonics calibration lab also contains a Ruska Model 2465A Dead Weight Tester Gas Piston Gauge that can cover pressures from 0.2 to 1000 psi, gauge or absolute, with a total uncertainty to 10 parts per million. Operation of the 2465A is automated to insure attainment of the ultimate performance achievable. TestVonics also employs several secondary standards including the AC-2500 Air Data Calibrator, Kollsman Precision Pressure Controller-Monitor (PPCM) and King Nutronics 3682. All of these secondary standards are calibrated with direct traceability through NIST.

TestVonics can re-characterize and calibrate TTU-205 and PPCM transducer and blast new proms. Our calibrations allow for a point by point calibration shift, instead of a standard tilt and offset typically performed.

In order to maintain RVSM compliance, it is recommended that test sets (such as the TTU-205J) be calibrated and certified on a 6-month calibration cycle. Other non-RVSM test sets are recommended to be calibrated on a 9-month cycle. Calibrators (like the PPCM and Ruska 3682) are typically calibrated on a 3-6 month cycle, depending on the equipment they are calibrating. All equipment is returned with an Incoming Inspection and Repair Report, Calibration Test Data (Before and After if required) and applicable reports, Pressure Calibration Certificate, and a certified Calibration label is affixed to the front panel.

The turn-around time for each piece of equipment varies. If there is not a lot of work necessary and all the parts are in stock, the turn around time is typically 2 weeks. However, that is dependent on several other factors including our current workload within the shop, the type of equipment, and how quickly the customer approves repairs. When we send you the tear down, typically we will let you know when to expect the equipment to leave our facility by.
Calibration Process
Need to send in a test set for calibration? Contact TestVonics to ensure that we can correctly calibrate your piece of test equipment. If we can, you will be given an Return Material Authorization Number (ie. TN-XXXX). If you would like to participate in our HMTC Program (see below), we will ship you out a transport container for your TTU-205 or PPCM. If you have any questions feel free to ask and we should be able to answer and explain the process to you.
What We Calibrate
TestVonics has the capability to calibrate a variety of air data test equipment and testers. Below is a list of equipment that we service on a regular basis, if you have an item that is not on the list contact us and we'll see if we can accommodate your calibration request.
  • Kollsman TTU-205/D , P/N: 18910480000 , NSN: 4920-01-141-0974
  • Kollsman TTU-205/D , P/N: 18910480002 , NSN: 4920-00-931-1457
  • Kollsman TTU-205/F , P/N: 18910480001 , NSN: 4920-01-214-2410
  • Kollsman TTU-205/G , P/N: 18910480008 , NSN: 4920-00-000-0190
  • Kollsman TTU-205/H , P/N: 18910480104 , NSN: 4920-01-466-1502
  • Kollsman TTU-205/G , P/N: 18910480008 , NSN: 4920-00-000-0190
  • Kollsman TTU-205S/S , P/N: 18910460000 , NSN: 4920-01-247-9723
  • Kollsman TTU-205/J , P/N: 200317658-30 , NSN: 4920-01-512-7743
  • Flightline Maintenance Test Set , P/N: 18910460000 , NSN: 4920-01-247-9723
  • Kollsman Air Data Test Set (Gray 120 VAC) , P/N: 18910840000
  • Kollsman Air Data Test Set (Green 120 VAC) , P/N: 18910841000
  • Kollsman Air Data Test Set (Gray 220 VAC), P/N: 18910840100
  • Kollsman Air Data Test Set (Green 220 VAC), P/N: 18910841100
  • Kollsman Air Data Test System, P/N: 18910830000
  • Kollsman Air Data Test System, P/N: 18910831000
  • Kollsman Air Data Test System, P/N: 18910830100
  • Kollsman Air Data Test System, P/N: 18910831100
  • Kollsman Air Data Test System, P/N: 18910850000
  • TestVonics ADC-2500 , P/N: ADC-2500 , NSN: 6695-01-581-8231
  • TestVonics ADC-2550 , P/N: ADC-2550 , NSN: 6695-01-590-1161
  • TestVonics ADTS-3150 , P/N: ADTS-3150LR , P/N: ADTS-3150MR , P/N: ADTS-3150ER
  • TestVonics ADTS-3350 , P/N: ADTS-3350LR , P/N: ADTS-3350MR , P/N: ADTS-3350ER
  • TestVonics ADTS-3300JS , P/N: ADTS-3300JS , NSN: 4920-01-618-9512
  • Kollsman KTS-2000 , P/N: 18910920000 , NSN: 4920-01-588-4428
  • Kollsman KTS-2000 , P/N: 18910920001 , NSN: 4920-01-588-4428
  • Kollsman KTS-2000 , P/N: 18910920002 , NSN: 4920-01-554-4549
  • Kollsman KTS-1000 , P/N: 18910910000 , NSN: 6625-01-606-1421
  • Kollsman HMADTS , P/N: 18906300001 , NSN: 4920-01-550-2455
  • Kollsman PPCM , P/N: 18905810002 , NSN: NSN: 4920-01-512-3910
  • Kollsman PPCM , P/N: 18905810000 , NSN: NSN: 4920-01-104-8652
  • Kollsman PPCM , P/N: 18906160001
  • Kollsman PPCM , P/N: 18906160004
  • Kollsman PPCM , P/N: 18906160005
  • King Nutronics 3682 , P/N: 3682-1-1 , NSN: 6695-01-173-5281
  • King Nutronics 3688-A , P/N: 18910920001 , NSN: 4920-01-361-8907
  • King Nutronics 3719 , P/N: 18910920002 , NSN: 4920-01-554-4549
  • Druck GE Sensing ADTS 403 , P/N: ADTS403 , NSN: 4920-01-562-3103
  • Druck GE Sensing ADTS 405F , P/N: TS-4508/U , NSN: 4920-01-449-8072
  • Druck GE Sensing ADTS 405F , P/N: TS-4463/P, P/N: ADTS405-1-8159-M4 , NSN: 4920-01-388-6790
  • Druck GE Sensing ADTS 405F , P/N: ADTS405-4193-1 , NSN: 6625-99-567-0696
  • Druck GE Sensing ADTS 505 , P/N: ADTS505
Calibration Services Brochure

For more information or if you have a questions regarding our calibration services, call us at (603) 924-5922.