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ADC-1000 Air Data Monitor

The ADC-1000 is a high precision air data monitor that can be used as a transfer standard. The ADC-1000 can be used to verify standards without having to ship them out for calibration. TestVonics also offers Air Data Transfer standard programs to customers, allowing them to calibrate their equipment in-house.

ADC-2500 Series

The ADC-2500 Series Air Data Calibrators are high accuracy air data system capable of controlling and measuring altitude and airspeed pressures to the highest degree of accuracy. The control and measurement range of the system meets or exceeds requirements for most commercial and military applications.

ADC-2550 Series

The ADC-2500 Air Data Calibrator is a high accuracy air data system capable of controlling and measuring Altitude and Airspeed pressures with the highest degree of accuracy. The ADC-2550 can be used for Automated Test Equipment (ATE) systems and includes both RS-232 and IEEE-488 interfaces.

ADTS-1555 Air Data Test Set

The ADTS-1555 is a test set calibrator that can be used as both a test set or secondary standard. The ADTS-1555 is based on ADC-2550 Series architecture and has the same features and operating software. It is for use with clean dry Air Only.

ADC-2522 Test Controller

The ADC-2522 is classified as an Air Data Test Controller (ADTC) for ATE applications, currently it is used to test aircraft air data computers. It features RS-232 and IEEE-488 remote interfaces, with plug & play emulation for replacement of the Honeywell ADT-222B Models 4047505-422 and 4047505-421.

Kollsman PPCM
PPCM Series

The PPCM, originally manufactured by Kollsman, is a legacy calibration standard which provides an accurate, stable, repeatable and reliable standard for pressure calibration.

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