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F-16 AIS Air Data Test System

F-16 AIS Air Data System F-16 AIS Air Data System Upper Enclosure F-16 AIS Air Data System Lower Enclosure

F-16 AIS Air Data Test System

The primary function of the Air Data Test System (ADTS) is to perform testing and fault isolation of pneumatic-type Units Under Test (UUTs). To test a UUT, the operator connects the associated Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) Integrated Test Adapter (ITA) to the rackmount Avionics Intermediate Shop (AIS) test station. The operator connects the ADTS to the IAIS via an RS-232 Interface and then finally, connects the UUT to the ADTS using the supplied cables and hoses.
The test program executes the ADTS self-test and leak test embedded for each of the associated UUTs. Faulty Shop Replaceable Units (SRUs) within the UUT are identified and replaced. Thereafter, the UUT is retested and returned to service after successful completion of the test program.
  • Compatible with the latest Test Program Sets (TPSs)
  • Production systems currently being fielded
  • Remote Interfaces via RS-232 and Ethernet
F-16 AIS Air Data Test System Modernization
TestVonics F-16 AIS Air Data Test System modernization involves both system and component level modernization. The system consists of the following components:
  • Two (2) ADTS-1575 Air Data Test Sets - these test sets accurately provide Pitot and Static control and measurement functions
  • One (1) Line Switching Unit (LSU) - a multi-port device used for distribution of a single Pitot and Static input to four (4) outputs. Each of the outputs can be isolated through the use of a front panel switch.
  • One (1) Vacuum Source with dual outputs for ADTS-1575 systems
  • One (1) Pressure Source with dual outputs for ADTS-1575 systems
  • One (1) Remote Interface Panel with Manifold Block Mount
  • One (1) 1U Retractable Work Surface
  • One (1) Programmable Resistance Substituter (PRS)
  • One (1) 16U Enclosure with Removable Locking Casters with 3-inch Lid Covers and Storage Pouch, Gray
  • One (1) 11U Stacking Enclosure with 3-inch Lid Covers and Storage Pouch, Gray
Automated Remote Operation
The system can be operated remotely using the latest test program sets (TPSs) through RS-232 and Ethernet interfaces. The system is intuitive with minimal training required. Lockheed Martin RMS has developed the latest TPSs
Safety and Protection
The system is designed with hardware and software features for maximum protection to the operator and unit under test (UUT). The test sets feature input pressure regulation, over-range, over-limit and over-pressurization protection. Micro-porous filters and screening prevent debris from contaminating the system. The calibrator is equipped with pressure relief valves to protect the pneumatic system components and the UUT from damage. In the event that the calibrator loses power, the manual vent can be used to safely vent both the test set and the UUT to ambient. The Test Program function allows the operator to create virtually unlimited test number of test routines for automated testing. These test routines save time and provide improved test consistency.
F-16 AIS Air Data Test System Brochure

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