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TTU-205 Transit Container

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High Mobility Transport Container

TestVonics High Mobility Transport Container (HMTC) is designed specifically to protect the TTU-205 and Kollsman PPCM testers against damage resulting from transporting & shipping. In addition, proper handling ensures that the unit maintains stable accuracies for RVSM requirements.
  • For transport of all TTU-205 and FLMTS test sets
  • Ruggedized case allows test sets to ship via standard FedEx or UPS Ground
  • Protects the test set from costly damage which can occur during shipping
  • Nationally Stock Listed under NSN: 4920-01-501-8097
  • TestVonics P/N: TVCS-6000-6
The TTU-205 test set is enclosed in an aluminum case - many organizations mistake this case as a suitable shipping container and ship the unit without any packaging. This can result in severe damage to the test set, sometimes creating a costly or even non-repairable situation. TestVonics has several documented cases of TTU-205 testers which have been damaged during shipment, before reaching our facility or end user. If the test set is not transported properly, it will usually result in costly repairs or render the test set non-repairable. Protect your investment, the HMTC container can reduce repair costs and provide an easy, reusable packaging solution

The HMTC is designed to meet specifications for all military applications. It exceeds all current container crush standards, can withstand all cargo securing methods currently employed, and is shippable via all major carriers including UPS and FedEx. The HMTC features:
• Rotationally molded of a highly durable polyethylene, with corners that are molded 15-20% thicker to absorb shocks
• Patented anti-shear interlocks protect hardware from damaging shear forces during drops.
• Molded tongue in groove valance with gasket provides an air & watertight seal
• Custom engineered, foam interior is designed to fit the exacting dimensions of the TTU-205 zero case and protect the test set while in transit
• Stainless steel hardware including catches/securing latches are fully recessed to prevent damage to the case and the hardware.
• Pressure-relief valve for air & temperature equalization
• High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) handles are engineered with trussed supports to provide maximum pull capacity with minimum weight strain
High Mobility Transport Case Brochure

High Mobility Transport Case Documentation
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